About Us

Hiranya Agro Tourism (HAT) is a classic fusion of agriculture (Agro) and tourism, 40 km from Pune  towards Bhore. Having set-up in 26 acres of untouched land in the laps of giant mountains, covered in dense forests with a variety of birds and astonishing nature’s landscape all around the site.

Facility at HAT has been designed and developed with a well thought process to ensure utmost safety, comfort, relaxation and pack of entertainment with lip smacking food with unmatched services where our guest will experience a stress free and joyful stay.

It is the perfect place for photography, bird watching, live barbecue, music with bonfire under the dark sky  with your friend and beloved once is all you need to relax you from your busy life.

HAT has put generous efforts to establish a link between urban and rural communities to experience the lifestyle of villagers and the farming communities by Agro tourism.


Why us:

We at HAT are exceptionally clear and firm on our values, one of them is अतिथि देवो भव (Guest is God) where we put our finest efforts to make it realize to every guest.



We are mere 40 KM away from chandani chowk towards Bhore side (NH-4) with road access till destination.

Drive from Nasrapur to the location itself is a inimitable experience as you drive and pass through narrow lanes of a typical village where you can observer a typical village with several activities like Cow milking, cleaning, feeding and herding groups of animals, sowing, planting and harvesting crops, and other general handiwork.



Entertainment is one of the most important factor for a healthy life, it relieves you from stress, improves mental health,  it brings human beings together and is the best way for family and friends to tie-in.

We have a set of entertainment for every age to keep you happily occupied during your stay.

Music/Rain dance/Games (Indoor/Outdoor)/Farming/Trek/Free walk on the hills are just few of the many things you can do at HAT. 


Safety & Hygiene:

At HAT, Safety and Hygiene of our guest is a paramount aspect with ZERO tolerance in both aspects.We are committed to ensure your stay to be 100% safe in all respects.

                    - 24X7 Security guards.

                    - High definition CCTV around the site.

                    - Metal Fencing provided at the boundary.

                    - Display of warning sign boards at critical locations.

                    - First aid kits at different locations for immediate aid.

                    - 24X7 availability  vehicle for emergency scenarios.

                    - Fire extinguishers at potential areas to ensure further safety.


Our Service

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